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How to Send your Parcel using Ninja Van in 6 Easy Steps!

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In our humble opinion, sending any parcel should be tad easy and hassle-free. However, as you may guess, this is not the case for some people or even yourself.

We are talking about the long queue and hours you have to spend at the post office especially if you're an e-commerce business owner who frequent this place. Did you know, the more you spend long hours queuing at the post office to deliver your parcel, you could be losing a day a year!

These minor inconveniences are some of the things that people want to avoid whenever they wish to send their parcels in Malaysia. If only we can skip the queue, so that we can reduce the long, enduring hours we have to spend lining up at the post office. 

Hey, guess what? You can!

With Ninja Packs, you no longer need to bother with the long hours of waiting at the post office to send your parcel. What’s more, you don’t have to print an airway bill for your parcel or get a printer for that. All you have to do is type in the information as we will take care of the rest!

Wonder on how you can ship your parcel using Ninja Packs? Let’s uncover 6 easy steps on how you can start sending your parcel with our packs.


#1 Buy Ninja Packs


Ninja Packs is going to solve all your heartache and troubles when it comes to packing and shipping your parcel to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a prepaid polymailer that comes in a bundle of sizes that allow you to save time in delivering your item.

Imagine all that wasted hours of waiting in the post office. Well, not anymore!

With Ninja Packs, you can drop off your package at any 4000 Ninja Points! Purchase your Ninja Packs today as we will deliver it right to your doorstep in 1 to 3 working days.

In addition, you don’t have to pay the shipping fee because it is FREE! 

Already purchased your Ninja Pack? Alright, let us discover where the real magic begins.

#2 Let's Pack

You may notice that Ninja Packs has a plethora of options ranging from different sizes and types that you can choose. You can use Padded Ninja Pack to send your fragile item as it gives your parcel extra security for delivery and provides total added protection.

Oh, and do not forget to label your Ninja Pack with a fragile sticker to protect your package from damage. You can check out more collections for Ninja Packs here. 

In every Ninja Packs, you may notice that there is a Ninja Pack Tracking ID on every parcel. Okay, do take note of it as we will let you know later on what to do about it. :p


#3 Log in to your Dashboard


Once you got your Ninja Pack, you can log in to your Ninja Dashboard. The best thing about Ninja Dashboard is that this is a one-stop center for you to create orders, track your parcels, and get access to parcel reports. If you run a small business that requires delivery to your customer, this Dashboard will come in handy if you want to track your customer parcel. Convenient, right? 

If you are not an existing customer and do not have a Lite account, you can sign up for an account here


#4 Create your order


Before you can send your parcel, you need to create your order first by using Ninja Dashboard. This is the part where it gets a little bit technical but, no worries, it is not rocket science. With this Dashboard, you can create an order easily with no difficulty. 

When you click on it, a popup window will appear. Do you recall the Ninja Pack Tracking ID, we’ve mentioned earlier? It will come in handy when you want to create your order as this ID will help to identify your parcel easier. 


And bonus points for you, our dearest readers!

No more lousy handwriting whenever you want to write your recipient’s address and contact information with a pen and paper as you can type in all the information required. Canggih, right?

Learn more about how to create your first order!

#5 Time to Drop Off your Ninja Pack!

Here’s where you can forget all your queueing memories because you can drop off your package at any of our Ninja Points over in 4000 locations here in Malaysia. Want to find the closest drop-off point near you to send your parcel? Find one now using our drop-off points locator!

Once you drop off your parcel, we will have them delivered to your recipient’s doorstep within three business days.

And that’s not all, Ninja Packs also provides three attempts of delivery for your parcel. If it is undelivered after the three attempts, we will have them sent back to your return address. So, don’t forget to key in your return address!

#6 It’s Tracking Time!

Any senders or recipients will ask the same question, ‘How can I track my parcel?’. We will be more than happy to answer your question because we have real-time tracking technology to track the whereabouts of your parcel. 

All you have to do is to visit our tracking page, key in your parcel tracking ID, and voila, it will show your parcel’s location. 

There you go, folks. Ninja Packs is the best solution for you to send and track your parcel, which is highly suitable for individuals, and for those who run a small scale business with less than 250 parcels a month. 

If you have a business that sends more than 250 parcels a month, why not try out our pro account for a change

First time here?

Well, it’s your lucky day because we have a special promo code for our first time Ninja Pack user! 

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What are you waiting for?

Purchase Ninja Packs today via online and send your parcels with Ninja Van, your fast and reliable courier service in Malaysia!

P/S: Don’t forget to check out prohibited items here before you send your parcel.