Want to Ship Your Parcel? Here's What You Need to Know about Ninja Packs!

Have a parcel to send but can't stand the long hours of queuing to ship it to your recipients in Malaysia? Or, are you an online seller looking for a low-cost prepaid polymailer to meet your shipping needs and demands? It's great that you are here because we have the perfect delivery solution for you!

You will save hours of waiting time with Ninja Pack as you can drop off your parcel easily. Furthermore, it is the best prepaid envelope for any online seller who is just getting started.


#1. Get to know Ninja Pack!

Ninja Packs

Ninja Pack is a prepaid delivery product that you can use to deliver your parcel to your recipients in West Malaysia. It's fast and convenient which guarantees to win your customer's heart in no time with our speedy delivery.


#2. Where can you get it?

Shop Ninja Packs online

Our polymailers can be purchased online on our Ninja Pack website and will be delivered to you swiftly within 1 to 3 business days in West Malaysia.

And once you have received the pack, you can create your order online and key in your information.

Hold on, should I write something on an airway bill?

You no longer need to write your recipient information with a pen or print an airway bill. Because with Ninja Pack, you can create your order online effortlessly. A bit handy dandy, right?


#3. Where should I send my parcel once I have packed my item?

Ninja points

You can drop off your parcel at any of our Ninja Points near your location as we have over 4000 locations of Ninja Points in Malaysia.

However, please be advised that we only provide Ninja Pack delivery to West Malaysia.

#4. How can I track my parcel?

Track your parcel

Have we mentioned our real-time tracking system?

Each Ninja Pack is equipped with a unique Ninja Pack Tracking ID that tells you about the location of your parcel, so that you can keep track of its whereabouts easily.

How cool is that?


#5. Which Ninja Pack is suitable for my item?

There are two types of Ninja Packs that you can choose from. They are Prepaid Polymailer and Prepaid Padded Polymailer.

You might wonder about the differences between these packs.


Prepaid Polymailer

The Prepaid Polymailer does not have built in padding like Prepaid Padded Polymailer as a padded pack provides extra protection for your parcel. Just think of them as something similar to bubble wrap...but better. It helps in keeping your item tight and in place.

Prepaid Padded Polymailer

If you want to send a fragile item to your recipient, we highly recommend Prepaid Padded Polymailer with its cherry on top, a fragile sticker which is also available in our store. For both packs, we offer different sizes with different quantities for you to purchase.

Check out the pack size and its estimated limit weights.

Size Weights Limit (kg)
XS (230 x 170 mm) 1
S (350 x 250 mm) 3
M (470 x 330 mm)



Depending on your items, you can choose which pack size that will suit your item the best. For instance, if you want to send some clothes, you can either opt for Ninja Pack S or M size.

And one more thing, please read our list of Prohibited items, before you start packing or sending things we cannot send. This is to avoid any unprecedented incident in the future.

For each of Ninja Pack, you can choose to buy for 5pcs, 10pcs or even 20 pcs per pack, all in one price!! And FREE SHIPPING for Ninja Packs delivery to your home. Yeay!!




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