1. What are Ninja Packs?
    Ninja Packs are prepaid deliveries, whereby customers can purchase them in advance, pack their items inside (All you can fit, with no weight limit!), and drop off at over 500 convenient locations in Klang Valley. Ninja Packs provide a hassle-free and value-for-money shipping solution for sending parcels within Peninsular Malaysia.

  2. How much do Ninja Packs cost? Which areas can Ninja Packs be delivered to?
    For a limited time only, Ninja Packs cost RM6.90 per piece. They can be delivered to all destinations in Peninsular Malaysia.

  3. What are the dimensions of Ninja Packs? Are there any weight limitations?
    Each Ninja Pack is 350mm x 260mm, and is all you can fit, with no weight restrictions at all!

  4. What are the payment methods to purchase Ninja Packs?
    We accept Cash-on-delivery and Credit cards for payment.

  5. How do I use Ninja Packs?
    More information can be found here.

  6. Are there any guidelines in using Ninja Packs, such as prohibited items, packaging considerations?
    Please refer to Appendix 1: Service Guidelines

  7. Where can I drop off Ninja Packs?
    You can drop off Ninja Packs at over 500 convenient locations in Klang Valley. More information on the drop off locations can be found here.

  8. What time would my parcels be picked up from the distribution points?
    Parcels that are dropped off before 2pm will be collected on the day itself. Parcels that are dropped off after 2pm will be collected on the next working day.

  9. What if the distribution points or boxes are full?
    Unfortunately there is a maximum capacity for every distribution point, please proceed to another distribution point nearest to you to drop off your parcels.

  10. When will my customers receive their parcels?
    Parcels will reach your customer anytime between 9am-10pm within 1-3 working days, after pick up from location.

  11. What if my customer isn’t at home to receive the parcel?
    We will provide 2 free redelivery attempts. If the parcel is still undelivered after 3 tries, we will proceed to return it back to you.

  12. What if I have an urgent delivery? Can I request for a next day service?
    Should you require urgent deliveries, you can use our door to door next day services. Please drop us an email at my-ninjapack@ninjavan.co to find out more.