No More Airway Bill Print - Create your Order with Ninja Dashboard!

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The delivery process generally requires printing an airway bill, which can be inconvenient for various reasons, such as your printer's ink runs out at the last minute or the printer is malfunctioning at terrible timing.

Air waybill printer

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Having a printer is helpful, but you must be prepared for the unexpected. To save your time, why not create your order online with Ninja Dashboard?

It is a hassle-free order creation system that allows you to upload your order in a single or bulk order at one go. As a result, you can create your order from the comfort of your own home.


#1. How does it work?

Purchase Ninja Pack today which are available online on our website to send your parcel with doorstep delivery to your home in one to three business days.

Ninja Packs Collection

Ninja Pack Collection

Once you have received your parcel, you can pack your item and fit your item as much as you can, and get it ready to drop off at our Ninja Points. We have 4000 Ninja Points in West Malaysia. So that you can easily drop off your parcel at any Ninja Point near you.


#2. How to create the order online via Ninja Dashboard?

Ninja Dashboard

It’s simple, just login to your Ninja Dashboard and key in your details. If you already have an account, you can login here to get started.

But if you do not have a LITE account, you can sign up here!

Check out the video below to find out how to create your order using Ninja Dashboard. Alternatively, you can also visit our Step by Step Guide page and Order Creation Video Guide for more info.



#3. Do it all via online! Try out our Ninja Pack today!

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