How to Track your Ninja Van Parcel

Love online shopping?

If you shop online frequently, you must be familiar with how to track your package. But the truth is, not everyone is aware of how parcel delivery works. As a result, we have consistently received the same queries on a daily basis.

  • How to check my parcel from Ninja Van?
  • When can I track my parcel?
  • Can I track my parcel from your Instagram account?

To start, sellers will usually provide Tracking ID to buyers for tracking purposes and ease of mind. Let’s find out more about the Tracking ID.

What’s a Tracking ID?

A tracking ID is a unique code or number that identifies your parcel. It allows you to track and locate the location of your parcel.

Tracking ID


Tracking your Ninja Van parcel (for customers)


  1. You may find the tracking ID on the airway bill or after the seller has updated you with the tracking number.
  2. What you need to do next is to go to the Ninja Van Tracking page at
  3. Just insert your tracking number, and the status of your parcel will appear!

Tracking your parcel with Ninja Dashboard (for online seller)

Ninja dashboard


For Ninja Van customer shippers, if you are using a Lite account to send your parcel via Ninja Packs or Ninja Lite (prepaid), you can track your parcel using Ninja Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Ninja Dashboard account.
  2. Go to the Tracking page.
  3. You can search by inserting your tracking ID, Name or Phone Number.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use Advanced Search to track bulk and multiple orders.


Checking your past order history

order history

Want to check your past order history? It’s easy!

  1. Login to your Ninja Dashboard account.
  2. Click on Order History.
  3. Here, you will be able to see your order history efficiently.
  4. Click on Actions to track specific orders and more.

If you require more info regarding your parcel, kindly contact our customer service via:

LIVE Chat: (⁠

Operating hours: 9AM - 7PM, Mon-Sat⁠


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