#kakakninjatips: Sending Ninja Pack For The First Time!

From the #kakakninja POV:

Regular Ninja Packs


If you are interested in using Ninja Van delivery services, Ninja Pack is a great option for fast delivery service to all destinations in Peninsular Malaysia.

I am so excited to share my experience with Ninja Pack and for my first shipping journey, I chose Ninja Trial Pack to send my parcel. First look at Ninja Trial Pack.

Ninja Trial Packs

I got myself a Regular Ninja Trial Pack, which comes in 3 different sizes: XS, S and M. 

Now, some of you might wonder why we offer Trial packs and why there are different sizes.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for the sellers to find the right polymailer size before they buy them in bulk to ship their products.

Can you imagine how disappointed you would feel if you accidentally bought the wrong pack size in a large quantity? We know from experience how that feels.

Hence, this is our first #kakakninjatips to help all sellers who are just starting their business or who want to send parcels using Ninja Van!

#1. Find the perfect Ninja Pack size with Ninja Trial Pack.

Ninja Trial Packs Regular

How do you know the right size if you haven't tried it yet? 

Ninja Trial Pack allows you to find the right polymailer size for your product by giving you hands-on experience with it. Simply measure your product and compare it to the sizes of the Ninja Trial Packs. Once you've found the right size, you can order a bundle of Ninja Pack in that size.

I wanted to send my item from Klang to Subang. With the destination in mind and a Ninja Pack in hand, I decided to go with the S size.

The S size is the perfect size for small items that are not too fragile. If you're sending a larger or more fragile item, you may need to choose a larger size. 

#2. Measure your product first.

Compare sizes with Ninja Packs


This step is a no-brainer, but it is important to measure your product first to determine the best poly mailer size for your product.

To do this, I simply measure the length, width and height of my item. Once you have the measurements, you can compare them to the sizes of the Ninja Pack. 

After packing my item, I inserted it into the pack. It fits nicely, and it is ready to be sent.

However, before you send your package, there is one thing you need to do. 

#3. Create order with Ninja Dashboard.

Ninja dashboard

The best thing with Ninja Pack is that you don't have to worry about queuing or writing your recipient's information on an airway bill.

Once you get your Ninja Pack, you can create an account on Ninja Dashboard. It is your one-stop Dashboard for everything you need to know about your parcel, its whereabouts and your order history.

Click here to register a LITE account. Once you have created an account, you can start sending your parcels. 

To create an order, you can either click on the New Order Button or the Create Order button.

1. Pickup

Pick up

The first section is to fill in your Return Address. This part is important in case the parcel needs to be returned to you, such as if your recipient is not available to receive it after the three delivery attempts.

You can drop off your Ninja Pack at any Pick Up Drop Off Point (PUDO) at your convenience. You can easily find the location by entering your postcode or address.

2. Your orders.

upload your order

You can choose to upload a file or type your orders manually. The file must be in CSV or Excel format. You can also download the example file provided. This feature is useful for large bulk orders.

I chose to type my orders manually. In this section, you will need to enter your recipient's information and Ninja Pack ID.

insert tracking ID


Simply turn over your Ninja Pack to find the Tracking ID at the back.

Tracking ID



3. Review and place orders.


order created successfully

Click the CONFIRM button to proceed. Congratulations! Your order has been created!

But wait, we're not done yet. The last step is to find a Ninja Point to drop off your parcel. If you haven't identified one yet, you can do so by searching for "Ninja Point" on Google or clicking HERE.

Ninja Point malaysia


I'm all set! The Ninja Point is just a few minutes from my location. I was surprised to find out that there are many Ninja Points near my residential area.


Hi, are you interested to use Ninja Pack?

ninja trial pack

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