5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Social Media Content

Social media can feel like a battleground, especially with so many brands trying to win customers ’attention.

As more businesses jump on the bandwagon and join the merrymaking of the social media world, brands need to continue positioning themselves to become relevant on social media through the use of good content.

And good content will lead to a strong social media engagement that will help brands increase sales and retain customers through a value-driven content strategy.

But, as it turns out, creating content is not as simple as it appears.

Specially for you, we've compiled five ways to help you boost your social media content, along with the best content ideas to get you started. So you can keep your feed interesting, and your followers engaged!

#1. Create a content calendar.

content calendar

Credit: Blog.hubspot.com

If you find yourself constantly stuck in generating content ideas, no worries. You are not alone.

By creating a social media content calendar, you can strategize, plan, and see the big picture by having a clear objective and goal that you want to achieve for each post.

Rather than simply posting whenever you feel like it, the content calendar allows you to effectively plan your content and schedule your post so that you can monitor and evaluate your performance for each piece of content.

Make a list of ideas and refine them before adding them to your content calendar. You'd be able to see what works for your feed and what doesn't as you progress through the calendar!

You must first determine which content works best on which platform, depending on your social media channel. To begin, you can use Spreadsheet to create a content calendar that includes monthly planning. Alternatively, you can also download a Hubspot content calendar that allows you to create separate content calendars for different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Linkedin.

#2. Generate creative content ideas.

Generate content ideas

Content ideas

Regular feed posting with images of your product is the quickest way to lose your followers. Instead, you must think outside the box to create highly engaging content to which your followers can relate.

Here's a guide to help you get started. Consider your company's content and divide it into five sections; educational, motivational, problem-solving, behind-the-scenes, and entertaining. You can then plan your content and generate content bank ideas to guide you in the future.

For example, if your niche is clothing, here are some ideas on what you can do.

  • Educate your followers on the best clothes to wear for their body type. (Educational)
  • Share your favourite motivational and inspiring quotes with your followers. (Inspirational)
  • Explain to your followers how you manage order flow efficiently. (Problem-solving)
  • Demonstrate how you pack your item behind the scenes. (From behind the scenes)
  • Create a video about how to mix and match your outfit. (Entertainment)

#3. Keep them engaged!

Poll on instagram

Create poll on Instagram

Publishing posts and images are not enough; you need to interact with your followers more.

What can you do to keep them engaged?

  • Create a poll.
  • Ask your followers their opinions.
  • Start a discussion.
  • Use relevant hashtags and emojis.
  • Create a contest to attract more followers and retain them.
  • Reply to their comments promptly. (The faster, the better)
  • Respond to negative comments in a positive way.

Did you know? The faster you reply to their comments, the better it will be for your business, as speedy responses will lead to better customer satisfaction and experience!

Replying and commenting on your posts will help you build your presence on the platform and keep your followers coming back for more as they can count on you to keep them entertained and solve their queries.

#4. Explore social media features.

instagram highlight

Credit: Freepik

Keep exploring! Social media platforms provide a plethora of opportunities and features in which you can delve to create fun and fresh content that is unique to your followers.

  • Make use of live video.
  • Keep up with the latest trends by using live videos on Facebook and Instagram to strengthen your brand and help deliver powerful messages. It could be a live stream of the launch of your new product, a behind-the-scenes video, or a video in which you can directly interact with your followers.

  • Make amusing videos on Tiktok or Reels.
  • We can safely predict that videos will be the next big thing, as Instagram has gradually evolved into a video-sharing platform akin to Tiktok. This shift will have a significant impact on consumers and brands. As a result, you should seize this opportunity and make the most of it! Tiktok and Instagram Reels have a plethora of features that you can utilise, and if you are creative, you can even create a challenge centered on your brand to attract followers.

  • Make use of Instagram Highlights.
  • With all of your efforts in creating successful Instagram stories, it would be a shame if they were not saved somewhere else as the Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours. Instagram Highlights is a great way to save your content and highlight what you want your followers to read or watch. It could be a FAQ session, product features, or even testimonials.

    #5. Be authentic and have fun!

    Have fun when doing social media

    Credit: Pexels

    You can't rely on a single piece of content to go viral or become a smash hit overnight. The most important thing is to make sure your content is genuine, entertaining, and matches your audience's needs. You wouldn't know it right away, which is why you should keep testing to find out what your followers want.

    You can certainly ask them! Use Instagram Stories to create a poll or ask your followers questions, such as what they want to see on your feed, so you can use this as a guide to curate better and more relevant content for them to see.

    Be yourself, consider what makes your brand unique, and don't forget to highlight your product’s USP (unique selling proposition) in fun and creative ways when promoting your products. Personal branding is important! You can be the face of your brand, speaking about your company's values and how these values can help your followers solve their problems.


    Content creation can be difficult, but with proper planning and creativity, you will succeed. Just remember to have fun while you're at it!

    Social media platforms are a fun place for any brand to interact and socialise with its followers. When it comes to social media, there is more to it than meets the eye. That is why you should stay up to date on the latest trends and never be afraid to try something new!

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