How Much Shipping with Ninja Van Cost?

Do you want to know how much it costs to ship with Ninja Van? You are in good hands!

The most important factors to consider when choosing a shipping company are cost-saving, speed, dedicated support, and real-time shipment updates.

At Ninja Van, we understand how important these factors are to shippers, and we hear you! Hence, we have developed a range of services to cater to your shipping needs, making your life easier.

This article will uncover the best shipping services available for you, especially if you are an online seller just starting a business. And last but not least, the moment you have been waiting for, the shipping rates.

Let's dive more into the shipping options below.


#1. Shipping with Ninja Pack.

Ninja Pack collection

Want to ship items but do not have your own packaging? Get the best-prepaid delivery product with Ninja Pack for a faster speed delivery anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia.

We have a variety of sizes and collection available, ranging from Prepaid Polymailer to Prepaid Padded Polymailer, and you can buy them individually or in bulk!

Now you can also send your parcels with our Prepaid Box and impress your customers! The best part is that you can get free shipping if you spend RM19 and above.

Ninja Pack dimension and sizes


What's so special about the Ninja Pack?

  1. No weight limit. (Pack and fit as many items as you can without worrying about the weight.
  2. No additional costs for postage. (You only need to pay once because the postage fee to your recipient is already inclusive of purchase)
  3. You don't have to print an air waybill. (Create your order online)
  4. Skip queuing and save your time. (Drop off your item at any of our 4000 and more Ninja Point)
  5. Bonus: Cute packaging (Our packaging featuring our mascot, Ryo, is a show stopper and can attract your customer's attention)

Ninja Pack shipping rate

Did you know that the postage rate to your recipient is inclusive of your purchase? You only need to pay once, and there are no hidden fees!

How to buy Ninja Pack?

Step 1: Buy Online on the Ninja Van website.

Step 2: Order Delivered in 1-3 working days (or less!)

Step 3: Pack & Seal at your convenience

Step 4: Create Order on Ninja Van dashboard.

Step 5: Drop off the parcel to any of our 4000 Ninja Points.

So, why pay more when you can enjoy a speedy delivery with Ninja Pack. Get Ninja Pack today!

#2. Shipping with Prepaid Regular Service.

Prepaid regular service

Have your own packaging materials? Do you want to ship your parcel right away?

Why not choose Prepaid Regular Service to send your item from as low as RM6.50 for the first kg.

All you have to do is create your order online, top up your Lite account via Ninja Wallet, and arrange for your parcel to be picked up or you can drop it off at your own convenience (There's no need to wait in line!). It is that simple!

What's so special about Prepaid Regular Service?

  • No complicated commitments. (No contract and account deposit plus no minimum volume needed to send a parcel)
  • Free bonus credit and more with every top-up (Get more credits when you top up) *Subjected to the current promo if available
  • Pickup from your preferred location (Get free pickup with no minimum volume until further notice)

Prepaid Regular Service shipping rate

West Malaysia to West Malaysia: RM6.50 first kg, RM0.80 for an additional kg

West Malaysia to East Malaysia: RM13 first kg, RM10 for an additional kg


  • Taxes not included
  • Max. weight of 30kg, or up to 200cm; sum of dimensions = (L + W + H), with each side not exceeding 120cm


How to start shipping with Prepaid Regular Service?

Whether you want to choose Ninja Pack or Prepaid Regular Service, you will benefit from both as you get to enjoy a fast speed delivery to your recipients!

Kindly take note that the shipping using Ninja Pack is only to recipients in Peninsular Malaysia.

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