PAKEJ: Transforming the Future of Malaysia Courier Services

With the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March last year, the number of online Malaysian shoppers has continued to grow with work-from-home employees adapted to online shopping.

With the growth of online shopping among Malaysian consumers, courier services need to cope with a high volume of parcel delivery and making sure that parcels are delivered on time to recipients.

However, due to the increased demand for courier services during the MCO period, the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor (MCMC) reported that courier services faced backlash and complaints from consumers regarding late deliveries and damaged parcels (Harian Metro, 2021).


To assist courier service providers in overcoming delivery challenges and providing a more reliable delivery service to Malaysian consumers, Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor (MCMC) and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia have launched the National Courier Accelerator Plan, or PAKEJ.

What is PAKEJ?

PAKEJ is a strategic plan that aims to improve Malaysia's overall courier and postal services. It is based on the National Postal Courier Industry Lab ( NPCIL) initiative, which aims to expand coverage, access, and flexibility for users, as well as to improve service quality (QoS) for a more seamless customer experience and to help the e-commerce industry grow.

Essentially, it is a five-year action plan that focuses on achieving Industrial Sustainability and First-Class Quality of Service (QoS) by 2025 through the eight initiatives listed below.

Let’s take a look at the first pillar which is Achieving Industry Sustainability.


pillars of PAKEJ


Parcel Point Network as a part of the PAKEJ’s initiative.

With regards to late delivery, the Parcel Point Network initiative was created to address the issue of missed deliveries, and what's interesting is that it's a collaborative effort between all courier partners!

The Parcel Point Network, also known as PUDO (Pickup and Drop Off) locations, is a central delivery and collection system that enables consumers to pick up their parcels at their convenience, particularly if they are unable to receive their parcel at their home.

PAKEJ also intends to expand and increase the number of parcel point networks or PUDO facilities in the future in order to improve consumers' access to purchased goods. This is also in line with Ninja Van Malaysia’s goal of expanding our PUDO services to deliver seamless coverage to support the e-commerce industry’s growth.


What else should you know about PAKEJ?

PAKEJ will establish parcel point networks through asset sharing and collaboration with Posmen Komuniti as more initiatives are launched. With mail volumes declining, this initiative will assist Posmen Komuniti in increasing their economic earnings and enhancing their standard of living. To date, there are over 5000 Posmen Komuniti in Sabah and Sarawak alone.


Have you ever seen a delivery tricycle? You may soon. Additionally, MCMC intends to use electrical three-wheelers (3W) to boost courier service efficiency through the Parcel Commercial Vehicle Enhancement Proposal initiative. However, the plan is still under consideration for approval.

This initiative provides numerous benefits, including optimising the fleet's last-mile delivery capabilities, increasing productivity and capacity, and allowing for three times the load sustainment of a standard motorcycle. What's interesting is that riding in this vehicle can also provide riders with protection from bad weather.

The following section discusses the importance of digital transformation in ensuring the industry's sustainability. Industry players must embrace complete digitalisation because it is the only way to propel this industry forward.

As a result, the government is providing grants and initiating initiatives to accelerate industrial digitalisation and development.

PAKEJ's future efforts will also include a re-examination of the courier infrastructure network map and the National Address System in order to optimise delivery via the National Address System and assist in better identifying parcel delivery locations.


In a nutshell, PAKEJ effectively addresses the challenges that courier companies face as demand for courier services continues to grow.

Through this initiative and the combined efforts of all industry players, it is possible to improve the quality and efficiency of courier services in Malaysia, thereby better serving Malaysian consumers.

For more information about PAKEJ, visit MCMC website to find out more. 




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