Scammer Alert: 4 Tips How You can Avoid Package Delivery Scam


You may have heard of scammers employing all kinds of tactics to trick their victims online. But, how about Cash-on-Delivery (COD) scammers? Have you heard of it?


It has come to our attention that there are scammers who use COD services to trick customers into paying something that they did not purchase at the first place.

Their modus operandi includes targeting online shoppers in peak sale seasons. Items like sponge and umbrellas, among others, have been used in this scam as victims have to pay a sum of money thinking that they are paying for their parcels.


Parcel scam

Credit: Pexels

We are doing everything in our power to prevent these incidents from happening by taking these actions against these online scammers.

These actions are:

  1. Pulling back scam orders.
  2. Refunding all items.
  3. Ceasing all partnerships with online scammers.

At the same time, we would also like to remind you to exercise caution when receiving parcels from the courier.

We want you to know that this incident does not only occur to Malaysian customers, but it also affects those who live in other countries like Singapore.


Here are the four tips on how you and your loved ones can avoid getting scammed.

  1. Be vigilant and check the latest news about scammers.
  2. Check the parcel and its sender before you accept it.
  3. Never pay for the parcels if you do not purchase them.
  4. Never respond to any text messages or notifications regarding unknown purchases.


Never fall victim to COD scammers again.

Share these tips with your loved ones, and together, we can combat these scammers.

If you have received suspicious notifications or text messages about unexpected delivery, kindly report the incident to our official Customer Service platforms below:



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