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Year 2020 was a challenge with the onset of the pandemic and all of us trying to cope with the New Normal. Year 2021 is not much better but what have we learn during this difficult period of time? We learned to stay at home and limit our movement without compromising our interaction with others.

Suddenly online meet-ups IS the way to be. We hold meetings virtually, our kids studied online and just last month, we had to have our reunion dinner virtually too due to the interstate travel ban.

With such limitations, we see something else getting on the rise – ONLINE SHOPPING. Can you believe me if I tell you that I’ve not gone out shopping physically since last year?

It is almost a year now since the implementation of the first MCO and I’ve not stepped into a shopping mall since then. I do all my shopping online and got very familiar with parcel deliveries.

As many of you know, I am also doing some small scale home business and this requires me to send out parcels regularly. Lately, I use Ninja Pack a lot. The reason?

Because it is prepaid hence I do not have to face the hassle of paying at the counter and the price is based on the pack size and not weight which is of an advantage for me because the product I am selling has a fixed size and if I were to use other delivery services that charge me by weight, I’ll definitely be paying extra.


  • Purchase Ninja Packs online
  • Pack our items
  • Create our order online through Ninja Dashboard
  • Drop off at any of the 4000+ drop off points in Peninsula Malaysia.

I purchase my Ninja Packs online at and they will be delivered to me within 1 to 3 days. I usually receive mine quickly on the very next day. There is no shipping charges for these packs to be delivered to us.

There are 3 sizes to choose from – Medium, Small and Extra Small.

There are two types of packs; regular and padded (for extra protection).

Regular Ninja Packs

Padded Ninja Packs

I keep these polymailers at home to be used as and when I need them.

I’ve not met my parents since the end of last year. I count the days when we can finally travel interstate to go back to Melaka to meet them but for the time being, I have to rely on courier service should I need to send them anything which in my case is always Ninja Pack.

I bought something for my mom the other day. All I needed to do is pack the gift in my Ninja Pack to send to her. I used the regular pack this time because I already wrap the gift nicely with bubble wrap.

I already have a registered account with them so I can easily create my order online through Ninja dashboard.

Look, so easy. It is already paid for without the hassle to weigh the parcel or print out anything.

Once I’ve wrapped the gift and created my order, we cycled to the nearest drop off point to drop off the parcel. Yes, we CYCLED because the drop off point is just metres away from our house as they have over 4000 drop off centres throughout Peninsular Malaysia. How convenient is that?

To drop off the parcel, just walk into the hub and drop it off. That is all – no weighing, no printing, no nothing. Once they’ve successfully received our parcel, we will be notified via email and we can begin to track our parcel.

It took only a day for my parcel to arrive Melaka to my Mom. I haven’t even started tracking when my Mom called me saying she got my parcel!

My Mom with the gift. I miss my parents very much.

I actually love the cute little ninja on the pack, don’t you think so? They are so adorable but most importantly, they DELIVER at ninja speed!

You can get your Ninja Packs here:

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use these postage paid Ninja Pack polymailers:



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