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Want to start selling in Malaysia? Here's 5 ways to start if you are new

Are you bored with your 9 to 6 job? Or do you have a desire to be your own boss? Well, don't just keep the dream to yourself. It is time to embrace your entrepreneurial side, and it all starts with these five steps that you can employ today.

For those who wish to start selling, here are five ways to do so.


1. Choose what you are going to sell and how you are going to sell it.

Before you can start selling anything, you must ask yourself this question.

"What can you sell to make money?"

Be it a trending product or service that you can offer, it is far more convenient for you to sell something you are familiar with and passionate about. 

When you are selling a product that you know nothing about, you would most likely repel customers away from you rather than attract them because you cannot deliver the product's value. 

Another thing to make allowances for is whether you want to sell your product offline or online. It will help you to determine the right choice of product for your selected market. 


2. Do it part-time (if you are new)

It's good that you want to sell something and are eager to do so. But don't be lured into the temptation to quit your job in hindsight. 

There is no denying that the profits from selling can give you a handsome income. However, here is the reality check. Even in sales, there are bound to be ups and downs.

Ask yourself, can you handle the pressure for not having a steady paycheck monthly? 

Our advice is to take things slowly, one thing at a time by doing a part-time job selling products that you love. The most imperative thing is to solidify your experience first in selling.

With this part-time job, you will gain much knowledge in managing your business and learning through experiences. 

Once your business takes off and you have the ability and the capacity to handle your business full-time, then why not quit your current job? 


3. Start with the home business

Using your home as a base for your business will always be favourable because it can be costly to start a business or opening a new store.

If you choose to work your full-time job, starting a business from your home is ideal, as it allows you more flexibility to juggle both careers. Because if you have to run a store whilst still working your full-time job, you will encounter some difficulties along the way with regards to managing your time and resources. Most importantly, running a store with a lack of experience in business can be risky. 

Unless you are willing to take the risk, it is best to take actions that can benefit your business in the long run.

You can start an offline or online business from your home. For an online business, you can sign up with online platforms like Shopee and Lazada to promote your products.  

One of the tips to succeed in your home business is to engage the right courier service to expedite your delivery to your customers. Courier service, like Ninja Packs, helps ease your product delivery. You can simply drop off your item to nearby Ninja Point without having to wait. 


4. Make a living based on your expertise (sell what you love)

If you have any skills that you can monetise, why not put it to good use? For starters, if you love to cook and enjoy sharing contents about them, you can make money by selling your cooking.

Let us give you another example to illustrate.

You have a creative bone in your body, and you like making DIY card crafts. Over time, you start to realise that you are exceptionally excellent at it.

You use social media to demonstrate how you create them, and suddenly, you've got your first customer wanting to purchase your card. 

First, you need to identify your skill or hobby that you can potentially turn into a profit. Next, you need to know if there is any market demand from your service or what you want to offer.

You can't make money if there is no one to buy from you. After you have figured out everything, it is time to create your business plan!


5. Find a mentor and gain more knowledge about selling

Navigating an uncharted territory is an act of peril. The same goes for anyone who decides to become an entrepreneur without a robust knowledge of business and confidence to make it a success.

The world of business can be intimidating for any first-timer. That is why you need a mentor to assist you on your journey. 

Find yourself a good mentor who can guide you in your business or even friends who can provide you with constructive advice to improve your business. 

If you have time to spare, go ahead and seek knowledge on how to grow your business. Read a book, go to classes, attend online courses and go to networking events.

Equip yourself with accessible knowledge about business and keep on continuing to upgrade yourself. 

When starting a business, new business owners need to plan to ensure a smooth flow of operations. One way to ensure your business's success is by employing an effective courier solution to meet your shipping needs. 


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