How to Start Selling Your Product on Shopee Malaysia

Almost everyone knows Shopee, and its impact is also reflected on children as they can even memorise and sing Shopee’s television songs by heart.

To date, Shopee is Malaysia’s largest online shopping platform by monthly traffic with over 47.3 million clicks. (

It is undoubtedly the best platform for sellers to acquire new customers and increase their sales opportunities.


#1. Register an account with Shopee. (Skip to #2. If you have an account)

New to Shopee? If you haven’t opened an account on Shopee as a buyer, no worries! The registration steps are pretty simple. What you need to do is:

  1. Download the Shopee app on Google Play Store or the Apple Store App.
  2. Launch the Application and click on Me which will serve as your profile.
  3. Look for the Sign Up button at the profile’s top right corner.
  4. You can sign up using your mobile number or your email address.

Important note: Before you can start selling your product, please ensure that you have completed your Shopee account registration. If you registered using an email address, please make sure that your account is verified first :)

#2. For Shopee’s existing customers.

Are you a Shopee customer already? You can immediately begin selling with your current account that you can use for both purposes.

Navigate to Me, scroll to the bottom and click Start Selling.

You can use an existing Shopee seller account or create a new one. It is entirely up to you!

#3. Set up your Store

To set up your shop, you can either use the Shopee app or the Shopee Seller Center. However, setting up your store via a desktop or laptop computer is advisable for ease of viewing and setup.

You can easily access your shop via Shopee Seller Center as this dashboard contains a plethora of incredible features. You can easily monitor your shop's performance, upload products, and view your shop's rating. Additionally, it includes a Marketing Center where you can use it to increase traffic and sales.

What should you first consider doing?

  • Decide which products you want to sell.
  • You may sell products up to 1000 listings and categorise them accordingly, so that customers can view your listing easily.

  • Start uploading your product.

  • You may upload up to nine photographs per listing and for video, you need to upload it via the Shopee app. To start uploading your product, navigate to your Shopee Seller Center, click on My Products, click Add a New Product, and begin uploading your photos.

    For more information, you can read Shopee Sellers Basic guideline here.

    #4. Cool tips for beginners.

    Here are some of the tips that you can implement before you start selling on Shopee.

    1. Decorate your shop

    Decorating your shop will help you grow your Shopee customer base and make it more appealing to buyers! Don't forget to include your shop's cover photo, images and videos, as well as a description in the Shop Profile section.

    It can be as simple as a greeting to your customers followed by a call to action such as "Follow this shop to receive an additional discount."

    2. Choosing the right images for products.

    You need to make sure that your images are in high resolution and clear enough for your customers. Take your product photo in a bright environment for the best-looking images, preferably with a white background to emphasise the product.

    If you want to emphasise specific details about your products, take photos from various angles. Your photos should also include product specifications, product demonstrations, and product variations such as colour and sizes.

    You can include a model to help demonstrate the product to make them more attractive to buyers. This is optional, but you can also add a watermark to your product image to protect them.

    Need help to edit your photos? See our article on five free online design tools for creating and editing product images for more information.


    3. Description of your product.

    Create a compelling product description and title. Avoid using caps lock, and unnecessary symbols when writing your product title. Use Shopee's most popular keywords to increase your products' visibility among buyers, but avoid including spammy keywords in your title.

    You may be as specific as possible when describing your product. Several pieces of essential information include the following:

    • Product Name
    • Product Description (mandatory)
    • Category (mandatory)
    • Brand attribute (mandatory)
    • Other attributes (optional)

    You can also emphasize the benefits of your product and some details that you want your customers to know like shipping period and etc.

    #5. Choose the best shipping partner.

    Choosing the right shipping partner will benefit you a lot in the long run! A prompt delivery service will help increase your shop's sales, as satisfied customers will give your shop the highest rating when they receive their products on time.

    There are a lot of courier services that you can pick. Keep in mind to choose the best courier service that can cater to your product and match your shipping needs better.

    Once you have chosen a courier service, toggle the button on in the Shipping Setting.

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