Sell Anything! Learn the Top 4 Tips to Sell Any Products on Your Social Media

Discover four secrets to sell easily using social media with zero cost

Do you know that Malaysians social media users spend an average of five hours and forty-seven minutes a day on social media according to the research from YouGov (2019)? That’s like 20% time spent on social media alone!

A lot of businesses nowadays have incorporated social media as a part of their marketing plans.

But at the same time, we also have seen a lot of businesses suffer from poor social media marketing planning. Social selling if it is done right, can prove to be a lucrative platform that can potentially increase your business profit and grow your customers.

Here are the four tips for you to sell easily on any social media platform!


#1. Don’t do hard-selling.



You have been posting about your business regularly, but nobody is responding to your post. Or when you are trying to promote something, your followers do not take the bait.

If you keep posting about your products in the same way with no creativity injected to it; you could end up losing your followers sooner than you know. Too many broadcasting sale messages appeared on our timeline. Every. single. day.

You are not only competing with other brands, but you are also fighting against the algorithm here.

Whenever users browse through their feed, Facebook will only show contents that are relevant to the user. Sometimes, your followers only come to social media to get the latest juice about their favourite celebrity, or they want to watch a video about cake. Well, who can blame them?

That’s the thing about social media; people often browse the feed as an escapism from their busy life. A place where they can take their mind off something for a while.

Hard-selling posts are seriously going to turn people off. Instead of them liking your post, they would rather unfollow your page.

You can tell that they are not vibing with your brand.


#2. But if you really want to do it...less is more.


Hard-selling is not the culprit here, but you must play this strategy right and you need to ensure that is aligned with your audience's needs. The key here is to give your audience what they want.

Let’s be honest here; nobody likes constant hard selling promotion. Your audience needs something of value to them, and your hard-selling posts do not give them what they need.

But here’s something you can do, you can offer an exclusive invite or access about your promotion, be it discounts or product sales. Even if you are doing hard-selling posts, you can still make engaging posts for your audience.

Give them something to anticipate if it is about an upcoming promotion. You can even create promotional teasers or videos.

Mix your hard-selling approach with soft-selling strategies to optimise your content.

You can employ 20% hard selling with 80% soft selling to give value to your customers. Or maybe six days of offering value contents, one day of the promotion. Any strategies you employ, be sure that less is always more when it comes to hard selling.


#3. Use soft selling marketing contents.


In comparison to salesy content, soft-selling content, however, uses a different kind of approach. They are indirect and focus more on building a relationship with customers.

Look, not everyone is going to buy your products the second they look at it. Unless they already have the intention to buy.

The solution? Since your hard-selling approach is not working, you have to learn how to do soft-selling in your content. The first thing to remember is to be relatable to your customers.

Why not do story-telling? Tell them about your products in a creative way. Create informative videos, ask them questions, post testimonial reviews and your customer’s photos and feedback and get them engaged with your contents. Be an expert in your field and be a problem solver, so that your customers know where to turn to when they have questions.

Sometimes a motivational quote can get more likes than any of your posts. Intriguing right?


#4. Be positive and socialise more.


You can never go wrong with socialising on social media. It can leave positive impacts on your business in the long run. While it is essential to socialise your brand, it is crucial to be positive too. Positivity is contagious and can help improve your engagement with your followers or fans.

Your followers want to feel heard, listened and acknowledged.

When they leave a comment or reviews, try to acknowledge them by leaving a comment. If there is a room for you to engage with your followers, get engaged with them so that they will feel appreciated.

Brands who socialise and engage with their fans and followers perform better in brand recognition and help create meaningful engagement with your fans as well.

The study from Weber Shandwick and Forbes Insights (2011) shows that brand reputation attributes to online sociability. The more engaged you are with your fans, the more likely they will buy from you.

Social media are great platforms for any business owners, big or small to do marketing and most importantly, they are FREE to use.

Leverage this opportunity today with our four tips and watch how your business grows.


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