3 Reasons Why Online Sellers Should Choose Polymailers!

Are you a business owner and looking forward to having a suitable packaging material for your e-commerce products in Malaysia?

Introducing polymailers or also known as courier bag for your parcel delivery!

You may have seen it or may have received one in your mailing box. Many e-commerce businesses nowadays have opted for polymailers or courier bag to ship their products and it's all for a good reason; it is cost-effective.

It does not only help you save extra cost, but it can also provide better protection than boxes. That's like killing two birds in one stone. How convenient is that?

Are you interested in finding out more? Here lie three reasons why you should choose polymailers for shipping.


#1. Compact size.

Ninja Packs is easy to carry

Although boxes are durable, unfortunately, they can take so much space. Now, let's compare that to the polymailers.

They are small, handy and can be stored easily.

It is also lightweight and thin, which will make it easier to ship your products as it takes less space.

You may notice that due to the weight of the boxes depending on your products can cause an additional surcharge shipping cost.

However, polymailers can help to reduce them as it is lightweight and you won't have to pay for incurring charges.


#2. Save budget and time.

Ninja pack saves time


Wrapping and packaging a parcel can be costly and it is time-consuming. Choosing polymailers, however, can help you reduce these setbacks and more!

How does polymailers help you in reducing cost and save budget?

When shipping with boxes, you have to take in the costs for additional materials like adhesive tapes and bubble wraps, to name a few.

But with polymailers, you can cut other shipping expenses as they only require minimum packaging materials in comparison to boxes.

You can save ample time too with polymailers as you no longer have to worry about taking too much time in wrapping or packaging your product.


#3. Ideal for e-commerce products.

Ninja pack for e-commerce

In the world of e-commerce shipping, polymailers are an ideal choice when you want to ship small items, particularly products that have sturdy packaging.

What are some of the products that you can ship using polymailers?

Choose polymailers if you are shipping apparels or fabric materials which is excellent as they won't get crushed or crumpled when in transit.

Another item that you can ship is a book. Books are already sturdy and durable with their hardcovers, which is why polymailers are perfect for this purpose.

The same goes to beauty products which already have strong packaging. You can add in bubble wrap to protect your item.


Best shipping service starts with Ninja Packs.

Ninja packs collection

Choosing the right polymailers will benefit you in the long run as this helps in ensuring your item will reach its destination safely. And it all starts with the size.

With Ninja Packs, you can ship your item in XS, S, M Lite and M size. Choose XS and S size if you are shipping small items or choose M Lite and M size to dispatch bulky items, clothes or shoes.

We have two types of Ninja Packs. Regular Ninja Packs is a type of polymailer with no padding.

If you need extra protection for your item, you can opt for Padded Ninja Packs as it has padding which is similar to bubble wrap built in it.

Equipped with proprietary real-time technology, you can track your parcel with ease with Ninja Tracking ID anytime and anywhere!

If your business sends less than 250 parcels a month, you should try out Ninja Packs!

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