Ship Your Item with a Prepaid Box

Are you an online seller who wants to send your items in sturdy packaging with prepaid delivery service? Or perhaps you want to help the environment by using environmentally friendly packaging?

Why not do both because we’ve got some good news for you.

With Ninja Pack's newest addition, Prepaid Box, you can get the best packaging solution to meet your shipping needs with faster delivery speed than ever before.

If you're already familiar with our Prepaid Polymailer, don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on our Prepaid Box and start impressing your customers right away!

Our Prepaid Box is a flat rate box, which means you won't have to pay more for shipping rate regardless of the weight of your shipment.

Need more convincing from us? Let us walk you through the benefits of using Prepaid Box for your online business.

What makes our Prepaid Box unique?

prepaid box

Prepaid Box medium size

  • The best shipping option at a low cost.
  • Fit as many items as you can inside the box without worrying about the shipping cost with flat rate shipping.

  • Packaging that is both safe and light in weight.
  • With Prepaid Box, you can ship your item in a durable and recyclable packaging solution. Furthermore, because the item is secured inside the box and out of sight of prying eyes, it can aid in the prevention of parcel theft.

  • There will be no airway bill.
  • Who needs a printer to print an airway bill when you can create your order online with Ninja Dashboard? Purchase the Prepaid Box, pack your item after receiving it, create your order online, and drop it off at the nearest Ninja Points near you. Wow, it's that simple!

    There's even more to love about our Prepaid Box.

    prepaid box

    It is available in three sizes: XS, S, and M and you can buy a Prepaid Box individually or in bundles of 10 and 20.

    Do you want to check the sizes first? We understand how difficult it is for sellers to find the right packaging size for their items.

    If this happens to you, why not check out our Ninja Trial Pack (3 in 1) - Prepaid Box XS, S, and M size, which includes three sizes in one pack, allowing you to determine which box size is best for your packaging needs.


    Check out our Prepaid Box!

    prepaid boxes in 3 sizes

    Choose any of these three sizes!

    Strong, sturdy and perfect for your shipping needs!

    Interested to get your hands on our Prepaid Box and become a star in your customer’s eyes?

    Get a Prepaid Box today and feel the difference! Click on this link to purchase Prepaid Box and to learn more about this product.