No Contract Required! Here are 2 Shipping Options from Ninja Van For You

If you are an online seller in Malaysia, you might be familiar with the process of shipping and sending your parcels.

It can be challenging for online sellers to choose the best shipping options, mainly if you are new to the biz and have an inconsistent volume of parcels per month. Hence we’ve got two shipping options if you want to send your parcel with Ninja Van with no contract and deposit required.

There will be NO MINIMUM VOLUME for these services and NO HIDDEN CHARGES giving you the ease of mind and only the best shipping services from us!

Let’s read more about it!

#1. Ship using Ninja Biz.

Ninja Biz

Create your order-on-the go with Ninja Biz! If you're a business owner in search of a logistics solution that offers unmatched convenience, look no further than our Ninja Biz app!

Enjoy the convenience of Ship Now, Pay Later using a mobile app and the best delivery rate in town from RM5.50 first kg! For more information about Ninja Biz, check out our page

Why you should ship with Ninja Biz?

    • Worry-free postpaid billing
      Send parcels and pay your shipping fees later as we invoice your completed orders weekly. 
    • Time-saving functions
      Use our smart-paste function to paste and print your order and address details with a single click.
    • Cash on Delivery service (COD)
      Monitor your COD performance and receive collected remittance weekly. 
    • Live customer support
      Submit enquiries and speak to a live agent through our in-built Live Chat feature.
    • Skip the queue
      Drop your parcels off at any of our extensive network of Ninja Points without waiting in line.
    • Seamless real-time tracking
      Receive the latest updates and real-time statuses of your parcel throughout its journey.

How to start shipping with Ninja Biz?

  1. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Get the app here.
  2. Start shipping by creating your orders! Drop them off at any Ninja Point with no initial payments required!
  3. Create your order online at Ninja Dashboard.
  4. Pay Later! A weekly SMS will prompt you to make payment for completed orders every Monday.

#2. Ship with Ninja Pack.

ninja packs

Need a courier bag that comes with prepaid shipping? Ninja Pack is the right choice for you.

Ninja Pack is a prepaid courier bag that you can purchase online to send your items to your recipients with no weight limit. You can put as many items as you want inside the pack as long as it fits.

Ninja Pack also helps eliminate your worries as you can deliver your parcels with flat rate shipping to all destinations in Peninsular Malaysia.

What else you should know about Ninja Pack?

  • Flat rate shipping to all destinations in Peninsular Malaysia (Except Sabah and Sarawak).
  • An ALL-YOU-CAN-FIT pack (Fit as many items as you can inside the pack).
  • It comes in different types and sizes (Regular and Padded) so that you can choose whichever suits your shipping needs.
  • No printer is required to print airway bills (Ninja Pack comes with a Pre-Printed tracking ID)

How to start shipping with Ninja Pack?

  1. Purchase Ninja Packs online here.
  2. Wait for your order to arrive in 1-3 working days.
  3. Pack your order at your convenience.
  4. Create your order online on Ninja Dashboard.
  5. Drop off your parcels at the nearest Ninja Points or Ninja Van Outlets.

Which one should you choose?

You can opt for any of these sending options above to match your shipping needs. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that you will enjoy only the best delivery service with a real-time tracking system that offers complete transparency for your parcels only at Ninja Van Malaysia.

For more information about our prepaid delivery service page, click here to find out more.

Hey, want to try Ninja Pack for a start?

ninja trial pack

Like what other people said, ‘You have to test it to believe it.’.

Grab our Ninja Trial Pack worth RM25 as it comes with three different sizes in 1 pack so that you can choose the best pack size for your item.

Experience a hassle-free and fast delivery speed with Ninja Packs today. No contract is required, and all you have to do is go to this page and claim your FREE Ninja Trial Pack.