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5 Ways Malaysian Housewives Can Earn Money Easily from Home

Ask any housewife; they would tell you that as a stay-at-home mom, it is not an easy job. It’s 24/7 work with occasional rests, juggling in between household chores and children to look after.

But in today’s economy, anything can happen, especially when you have to cope with the rising cost of living.

It can be challenging for some families to rely solely on a single income, particularly with the outbreak still going on.

It will be nice to have extra cash laying around to support your family and help take a financial burden off your husband in times of need.

Thus, we have five brilliant ideas on how you can make a side income from the comfort of your home. It is time for all housewives to get creative to earn money.

Let’s get on it, ladies!


1. Drop shipping

Credit: Pexels

Drop shipping is one of the ideal choices for homemakers in Malaysia who wish to earn extra money and still be able to work from home. As a drop shipping agent, you don’t have to keep stocks.

All you have to do is to promote and take orders from the customers and pass it to the sales team. The perk is that it can be done at any time and anywhere as you can even promote the product to your next-door neighbour. 

Dropshipping has an endless list of products. From promoting clothing up to selling cakes like Mamasab bakery, the sky is your limit.

Depending on the products that you choose, you have a few options. You can either mark up the price of the product or get rewarded for each sale with a commission.

Some dropshipping requires you to fork out fees, whilst others offer free registration fees. You have to select one that suits your needs the best. 


Pro tips: When you want to choose a product for dropshipping, choose one that you are familiar with and have experience using it. The best way to do it is by testing it out first. Don’t just blatantly sell something that you do not know. Choose wisely. 


2. Online selling

Credit: Pexels

Do you always have a dream to become a successful businesswoman? We believe that this is the time for you to embrace your entrepreneurial side with online selling.

There are a lot of people who have been using online platforms either to purchase something or to sell something. Why not take this to your advantage? 

Do you have lots of unused items at your home thinking that you can make money out of it? To start, you can start by selling your used items on online selling platforms like Mudah, Carousell or Shopee.

It is quite simple to navigate. What you need to do is to upload your photos (make sure they are clear and look nice), add some descriptions and voila, you are on your way in making your first online selling.

Moreover, it will also help you to brush up your selling skills.


Pro tips: You can also use your social media platform to sell your items among your friends. Use courier service like Ninja Packs to pack and deliver your items to your customers. 


3. Create tuition or teach neighbourhood kids

Credit: Pexels

Got any hidden skills or knowledge that you would like to impart with others? It is time to put your knowledge and skills to great use.

Becoming a full-time teacher may not be the option on the table as of now, but you can still become a tutor and work according to your preferred hours. 

If you have a university degree, you can teach kids in both primary and secondary school. Got something hidden up in your sleeves like stellar designing talents or computer skills that can benefit others?

These skills are incredibly precious and worth teaching to others. 

How to get started to become a tutor in Malaysia? If you are keen to conduct a tutor lesson online, you can sign up on websites like Teachnlearn or Teachme.

Another option is to provide tutoring service or a tuition class in your neighbourhood. 


Pro tips: If teaching is truly your passion, focus on giving the best lesson to your students. Words do get around, and with any luck, you can generate good income whilst doing what you love.


4. Cooking or baking

Credit: Pexels

Do you have killer cooking skills? Or can you bake Insta worthy cakes? If yes, there will be tons of people waiting to have a taste for it. It’s time to get cranking. 

Nowadays, there are many home bakers or home cooks who have started their own business at home. Even if you are cooped at home, who’s to say you can’t get crafty and creative with your food. It may be the beginning of your baking career or business. 

For those who are just starting, you can explore your options either to supply your home-cooked food to local stalls or restaurants. It can be as simple as Aiskrim 1 Malaysia or local delicacies. It is the seller’s choice! 

If you want to market your cooking and explore more possibilities, you can always try to sell them online! Use your social media to reach out to more customers and post images of your scrumptious food on Instagram or Facebook. 


Pro tips: Your best chance to succeed is to try selling food which you can cook best. Check out the market and see which food or cakes have more demands.


5. Online part-time job/services

Credit: Pexels

Have you heard about data entry jobs? Websites like Parttimepost.com and You.my offer an abundance of job opportunities for those who are interested in taking part-time jobs.

You can choose to have it done remotely or as a freelancer. Regardless, it won’t take much of your time, and you can still focus on your family.

Are you a skillful writer or good at languages? You can take on writing jobs, transcribe documents and do translations. Want to take your domestic skills up to a notch? How about offering services to clean houses or laundry services. You have no idea how many people are willing to pay for these services. 

Pro tips: Get savvy with the Internet. Browse for jobs that are convenient for you.


Who says that stay-at-home moms can not earn money on their own? We are thrilled to share these ideas with you, and hopefully, you can get a benefit from it! Don’t forget to share it to the women in your life.

Let’s empower one another!


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