Own a Store? Join Us as A Ninja Point in Malaysia!

Ninja Point Malaysia

Do you own a retail store or convenience outlet and wish to expand your business? If yes, you’re in luck because we are offering you a chance to become our Ninja Point!

Ninja Points are based on pick up and drop off (PUDO) concept for customers to send their parcels at their convenience.

With an extensive growing network of Ninja point services all over Malaysia, we are inviting you to experience the opportunity and the excitement that comes with it!

If your shop is situated in a highly-populated area; why not take advantage of this rewarding opportunity and be a Ninja Point today!

Do I have to do it full time or part-time?

It is entirely up to you! Whether you choose to be our full time or part-time partner, we offer numerous perks and benefits to meet your unique needs.

Can’t decide which one should you choose? Let’s find out more about it.


Full- time Ninja Point

Choose this option if you have a retail store and decide to take on full Ninja Van branding. And are willing to provide complete suites of Ninja Van’s parcel services on a full-time basis.

What will you get?

  • Competitive commissions
  • Full training and marketing support from our team
  • Opportunity to take part in the growth of e-commerce

    Part-time Ninja Point

    Already own a retail store but wish to keep your existing business? Then, this is the perfect choice for you. As a part-time Ninja Point, you will also take on Ninja Van branding and Ninja Van’s parcel services.

    What will you get?

    • Competitive commissions
    • Customer traffic as it attracts more customers who are interested in delivery services
    • Opportunity to take part in the growth of e-commerce


    Apply as our Ninja Partner today!

    Kindly drop your details in the form provided, and our team will be in touch in 24 hours.

    Click here to read more and apply!