Unhappy Customers? Here's How You Can Improve Your Customer Service

Customers come first.

According to Vince Lombardi, it takes months to find customers. Seconds to lose one.

Servicing customer needs is a critical component that every business owner needs to know to keep a healthy flow of customers' purchases each month.

Your customer service team is the frontliners and the face of your business.

Hence, every company needs to have a good team that can manage customers' inquiries and, at the same time, help nurture relationships to build trust among your customers.

Although your team did an excellent job in answering your customers' questions, of course, it is not enough. It would be better if you made sure that your customers are happy and satisfied. One of the foolproof ways to achieve this is by improving your customer services.

Suppose you are not on the lookout for opportunities to deliver the best customer service experience to your customers. In that case, you're missing out because customer service is the critical component to help maintain loyal customers.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your customer service experience.


#1. Hire the right people.

hire the right people

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It all started with the right team. It will be in your business's best interest to hire people with the right customer service skills. No amount of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can make up for the lack of skilled personnel. Personally, bad customer service will also make your business look bad.

What are some of the skills that you should look for when hiring customer service personnel?

  • Good communication skills

Good customer service should always communicate and convey what they mean positively. But most importantly, they have to be professional at all times when communicating with the customers.

  • Patience

Customer service needs to deal with lots of customers with different manners and attitudes every single day. That's a tough job. And that is why patience is a necessary skill for any customer service representative. Some customers can be rude or obnoxious, and it is your customer service rep's job to handle the inquiries professionally.

  • Technical knowledge

Your customer service representative needs to be a know-it-all for your product or service because they are the first point of contact. Therefore, you need to ensure that your customer service reps are well trained and equipped with complete technical knowledge before handling customer complaints or inquiries.

Your staff needs to be well trained, and the company needs to provide training once they're on board.

  • Work ethic

A good customer service representative must also have a strong work ethic. They need to follow through with all problems and provide exact resolution instead of leaving the customers hanging.

They should also provide clear explanations and solutions that best address the customer's inquiries and follow-up with them once they have resolved the issue.

#2. Ask your customers for feedback.

ask for feedback

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Comfort zones are a business killer. It will make any businesses go stale after a while when there is no action to improve areas that need work. Well, you wouldn't know if something was wrong if you didn't ask, right?

Your customers hold the essential piece of information about your business. They can provide you with feedback to help you build a more substantial company. You need to understand their pains, problems they faced, where they are coming from, and their expectations.

To know this feedback, you can provide multiple communication channels so that they can communicate this with you.

Notice that there are companies that use a rating system every time you have contacted their customer service? That is one of the ways to ensure that your customers will provide constant feedback to you.

Besides that, you can also use email or surveys to obtain customers feedback. This feedback will help you better understand and give you insights into your business areas that need improvement. Hence, helping you deliver better customer service to your customers.

#3. Refine customer service strategies.

discuss strategies

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Your customer service team needs to bring their A-game into this. If the old strategies do not yield the results you wanted, like better customer satisfaction. It's time to change the game. Here are some of the techniques that you can employ:

  • Use CRM software for support

Need to streamline customer service processes better and ensure that everyone is on the same page? If traditional ways of doing things no longer work for your company. Maybe it is time to employ CRM software to help your team to coordinate better and speed things up for customer service.

CRM software provides invaluable insights about your customers, which will help you solve or address their problems and ultimately provide a personalized experience to your customers. In addition, it centralizes all your customers' data to help you build and deliver meaningful customer support.

  • Listen, listen, and listen.

Your customers want to be heard and listened to. They have some issues with your products, and they want you to provide them with a prompt response.

Many customer service reps make a mistake in assuming that they already know what their customers want. While in fact, what they need to do is to practice active listening.

Provide clarification after your customers ask questions, as this will indicate that you are listening and understand their concerns.

The best customer service starts with empowered employees.


At Ninja Van, we strive to provide the best customer service as we go beyond the logistics to meet the needs of our customers in this new normal. Our hard work has paid off as our Customer Service Team won the CXP Best Customer Experience Award 2020!

“We are honoured to receive this award, which recognises Ninja Van’s effort in going beyond logistics to meet the needs and demands of customers in this new normal. Transparency and accessibility are our team’s utmost priorities and, our investment in human and tech resources enabled us to do a better job,” said Ezwadi Rosaidi, Head of Customer Service at Ninja Van Malaysia.

Once again, thank you, Business Media International, for recognising our efforts!

Check out our video below with some cool advices from our Head of Customer Service regarding how to improve customer service. Must watch!