8 Ways to Create Product Videos for eCommerce

Setting up and running a business in this day and age has been more accessible because of the internet. Available research shows that adding a video to your landing web page enables you to boost conversion prices by 80%.

Similarly, having a video on your product web page is an excellent method to promote and discuss the features of your product. Product videos are a perfect way of adding a visual dimension to a product and can help new site visitors for a website make a purchase choice.

A product video is a clip that shows the different attributes and advantages of a specific product. Brands typically utilize these videos to inform their clients regarding the products and also services they provide.

The article will focus on eight ways to create product videos and why they are necessary. But first, let us see how many product video types exist.

Ways to Create Product Videos for e-Commerce

Developing a professional product video is an essential component of your video marketing technique. Each product video ought to be skillfully shot and modified, making it look more refined. It constructs trust and confidence in your audience.

Listed below are eight straightforward ideas to comply with that may help you develop engaging item videos quickly and affordably.


#1. Preparation.

Every business requires a proper plan and strategy to be successful. The same applies to a marketing strategy, and it would probably be best that you be ready to see it to completion.

You will need to obtain the equipment required to create an excellent video. It will include a high-grade camera, a tripod, lights, and a video editing software application.

Depending on the video type you are most likely to create, you may require people for extras, and they will aid in shooting and editing your video.


#2. Making a strategy.

When coming up with a video strategy for your eCommerce product, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What issue does your product address?
  • What target market will enjoy your video?
  • How does it boost the lives of your clients?
  • What action should they take after seeing it?
  • Where will the video be launched?

From this, note that you should consider how your item can enhance your customers' lives. Then, you can offer it in a manner that will assist them in understanding not simply what your product is yet likewise why they need to purchase it.

Having this info will enable you to develop videos that are mainly targeted per audience, and it will likewise lower costs and remove the need for additional work.


#3. Choosing an effective video format.

Depending on your product and the message you want to put across, different video formats will work differently. It is up to you to choose one that best suits your needs. Here are some video formats you can use:

Product close-up videos

These video clips are suitable for product web pages, as they display the most detailed and aesthetically attractive products. When used together with a 360-degree close-up view, these pictures can aid picture the product's visual.

How-to videos

How-to video clips are fantastic for describing intricate and practical products. They can likewise aid in clarifying the numerous uses and attributes of your product, and they assist customers to recognize exactly how it functions and why it is beneficial.

Product demonstrations

A product demo is an aesthetic depiction of exactly how your item operates in real-world situations. It can show the product's functions and advantages, permitting clients to imagine the product in their hands.


#4. Scriptwriting.

It's vital to bear in mind the function of your video. A story-telling video will deal with the topic entirely in different ways from a demo video or even a thorough video, remembering that you ought to attempt to show rather than tell when it pertains to product videos. Developing a script should concentrate on your item's crucial attributes and the vital info to market it.

Strategy your shots and also ensure that you're recording the significance of your product. If you use actors for your advertising video, discuss the script with them and make any needed alterations. It will save you a considerable quantity of time as well as work when videotaping.


#5. Recording video.

Even though products are much less challenging to generate, they can still be tough to stand out from the crowd when done incorrectly. In the past recording, see that both the lights and the angles are suitable for them. You can utilize a two-point lights system: one straight light and another light from the side of your product. Doing so will help make your videos attract attention and have a professional look.



Since you're done recording, it is time to start editing and enhancing. It is necessary for you to bear in mind that each social network system has its policies and guidelines. For some platforms, as an example, Amazon.com forbids any reference of price, advertising information such as "low-cost" or "affordable," as well as price cut asserts.

Instagram has a 60-sec max video length on carousel advertisements. On Twitter, they can run for as many as 2 mins and twenty seconds. Adhere to these standards to make sure that your particular clips satisfy the criteria of each system. When modifying, maintain your meant target market in mind.


#7. Sharing Video

Product videos are also fantastic for marketing your eCommerce business on social networks. You can share videos across your preferred social networks systems, such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Inspect that each platform's video dimension, size, and various other submit layouts resemble your product videos. Include subtitles into your video clips to make them more extensively watched and easily obtainable.


#8. Optimizing your video

Now that your video is out there, you can make some minor changes to ensure success in your marketing. Some of the things you should look into are:

Constantly utilize CTAs on your videos

Among the most effective means to determine the impact of your videos is using Calls to Action.

Utilize a title card, voice-over, or a platform's integrated capacity to achieve this. You can include video CTAs on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube, and CTAs are essential if you desire visitors to take action. These CTAs can be connected straight to a product web page or a specific touchdown web page, guiding individuals to a location where they can buy.

Utilize social proof

Social proof is an effective and persuading tool that can get individuals to buy your items. It is likewise an essential part of any eCommerce advertising technique. Including genuine testimonies in your videos can improve your sales. The concept is to get your clients to share just how they gained from your service or product and how it transformed their life.

Integrate closed captions into your videos

If you wish to reach out to the most prospective clients, make sure your videos are viewable and accessible to everybody. Since social videos are typically watched without audio, including closed captions can aid your videos to get to a bigger audience.

A video is an effective tool that can communicate info more engagingly and effectively. People like videos because it's a fantastic means to develop trust. Since they'll permit you to share more outlined information regarding your items and exactly how they work, product videos are a superb means to advertise your services and products.

It will certainly make your product look more professional, your brand is more trustworthy, and your products more attractive.

Use the video creation pointers in this write-up to produce a technique for creating a quality product video for your eCommerce business.

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