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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Courier Service for Your Online Business

Are you new to the online business in Malaysia? At this point, you must know that there are ample of things that you need to plan before jumping on the wagon.

Starting a business is no easy feat.

For an e-Commerce business, maintaining it alone is not enough; you need to know how to grow it too and get more moolah.

The best way to go about it is by making your customers happy and content. But the question of the hour is, how to make your customer satisfied?

One of the solutions is to provide a good customer shipping experience which can be made possible by selecting the right delivery solution for your business.

Shipping and delivery are essential factors to help ensure your eCommerce operation runs efficiently. If you think that choosing a courier service is an easy peasy job, my friend, you are dearly mistaken.

As you may know, there are a plethora of logistic companies in Malaysia offering many types of delivery services.

That is why we have come out with the list of things that you should consider before choosing a courier service for your business.

To begin, these are the three factors that you need to take into consideration when researching for a courier company.


1. Delivery speed and time

Speedy delivery

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The delivery speed plays a vital role in customer’s satisfaction. Before you choose a courier service, consider whether you want your customers to receive the item as soon as possible. If yes, then you can opt for a courier service that offers next day delivery.

Ultimately, you can also select a courier service that provides options that can meet your shipping expectations. Slow delivery service can heavily impact your business and jeopardize your company’s reputation.

Hence, it is crucial to pick one that can eliminate your customers’ shipping worries and make them want to buy more from you!

2. Reliability

Reliable courier

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Choosing a courier service with a reputable reputation can go a long way. You must select a courier service that you can trust in giving you the best delivery service to your customers.

One of the perks of selecting a courier company with a good reputation is that it will benefit your business in terms of giving your customers reassurance and confidence. This benefit could come in handy if your customers are considering purchasing your product.

3. Tracking

Ninja Van tracking

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Another vital factor that you should consider is parcel tracking. Unhappy customers complaining about their parcel’s whereabouts are not going to do your business any good in the future.

Do consider a courier shipping company that provides a parcel tracking or proof of delivery to your customers to ensure that there will be no issues.

Great shipping experience will help to boost your customer’s confidence in making an online purchase from your company.


Why you should choose Ninja Packs for your business

why choose Ninja Packs

At Ninja Van, we strive to provide the best shipping service to accommodate our customers’ needs and demands. It has given birth to the creation of Ninja Packs, which is the right shipping solution for your business.

With a real-time tracking for your parcel, we assure you that we are using the latest technology to elevate your customers’ shipping experience.

Ninja Packs provides services as below :

  • The unmatched speed with delivery from 1 to 3 business days
  • Three delivery attempts for your item
  • Delivery to your customer’s doorstep
  • Liability coverage up to RM200
  • No delivery fees

With our reliable services, there is no doubt that Ninja Packs should be your top choice for a guaranteed and efficient delivery service to your customers.

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