4 Top Packaging Tips You Must Know To Avoid Parcel Damaged

Avoid damaged parcel

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If you are a business owner, you know better than anyone else that there is nothing more important than keeping your customers happy and satisfied. Nobody likes unhappy customers, anyway.

However, have you received an unhealthy amount of complaints and angsty comments about your damaged and defective parcel?

Ultimately, they want a refund for their item, which in this case, you cannot say no. Otherwise, you may look like a bad guy here.

It seems that the pebble in your shoes that is stopping you from having a good business rapport with your customers is your damaged parcel in transit. Kind of put the rain in your parade, isn't it? Especially if your business is doing so well. If these issues continue without any actions from your ends, we are sorry to break this to you; this could potentially harm your business in the long run. Your brand's reputation is at stake here.

We believe that to tackle this issue; we need to start from the root cause of this problem, that is the packaging. We have compiled the best four-top packaging tips to help prevent shipping damage when you are transporting your items to your customers.


#1. Do not be cheap with your box!

Damaged box

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Investing in high-quality boxes can protect your parcel from damage and can offer more protection for your item. Considering that your package will have to endure many transits before it can reach your customers. This is certainly not the time to be cheap with the packaging materials.

If you need to recycle old boxes, be sure to check them from any wear and tear or any old labelling. Otherwise, your parcel will end up at the wrong address. That is another complaint that you do not want to deal with it right now.


#2. Never wrap your item with clothes or fabric bag.

Never wrap parcel with fabric

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Fabric bag or cloth may look appealing and attractive as a wrapper. With cool designs to choose from, you can get all fancy and what not to wrap your items. But sadly, they do not provide robust protection for your item like a cardboard box. Hence, your parcel could risk more damage while in transit.

So, if you are thinking about using fabric bags in the future? We highly recommend discarding that thought entirely from your mind.


#3. Use padding or bubble wrap (highly recommended!)

Use bubble wrap

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If you are transporting fragile items, padding or bubble wrap is one of the essential elements in packaging. Trust us, without either of this; your parcel is prone to more risk of damage during shipping or mishandling.

One more thing that you have to remember is that you need to put a fragile sticker on your item as it helps to ensure the safety of your item.

If you think that bubble wrap is not enough for your parcel, why not check out our Padded Ninja Pack for better protection for your package.

#4. Use strong tape when sealing.

Use strong tape
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Remember the tape that you use for your art craft project back at school or a pretty washi tape you have at your home to wrap your gift with wrapping paper? That tape is not going to get the job done as it is not suitable for packaging.

Here's packaging tip 101 when it comes to tape; use a strong one. If you can get a super-strong, sturdy tape, that is even better!

The quality of tapes matters to ensure proper sealing for sturdy and robust packaging. For packaging and sealing, use a sealing tape with substantial adhesive property and good ease of use.

Last but not least, our extra tips for you. Yay!


#5. Choose a reliable and trusted courier service.

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When it comes to shipping and delivering, you must choose the best courier service that can provide the best service that can suit your needs.

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