5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Instagram Feed Look 10x Cooler

Struggling to design an eye-catching feed theme for your Instagram Business? You are not alone. Running an Instagram business is not the same as running your personal account.

Curating the contents and making sure the feed theme looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful can pose a challenge for many online sellers, particularly if you are not a creative person.

We cannot emphasise how important it is to have the right Instagram feed designs and themes to create a long-lasting brand impression. It makes no difference how cool your product is if you can’t showcase it through your Instagram feed.

Let’s fix that with our five creative ideas to improve your Instagram feed and hey, if you don’t own an Instagram Business account, you could benefit from this too for your personal account.

#1. Choose a brand colour.

Source: Canva by Google

To create the look and feel of your Instagram feed, start with the basics by selecting a brand colour that you can incorporate into your theme.

Never had a brand colour before? No worries, you can use this free online tool like Coolors or Color Hunt to find the best colour combination for your brand or get inspired with lots of stunning colour palette.

Your brand colour can be used in your Instagram static, whether it's in your product packaging, the background, your props, or for anything else that you have in mind.

Have a look at our Ninja Van Instagram profile, as we use a red colour which features our brand corporate colour as a part of our identity. Start finding your brand colour now!

Instagram Ninja Van

#2. Choose the best theme for your feed.


The theme is one of the elements that contributes to the visual appeal of your profile. Take a look at your favourite Instagram accounts, whether they are from your favourite brands or celebrities.

You'll notice that they have various themes that fit their brand profile and work well with the brand colour. The most popular themes are minimalist, pastel, bold and bright, and monochrome.

How to choose the right theme for your brand?

You can start by finding inspiration from any of your favourite Instagram accounts. Adapt it into your niche, make sure that you have a consistent theme and incorporate your brand colours into it!

#3. Layout matters.

You may not notice it but most of the time, a lot of Instagram businesses are using layout to beautify their feed and to make their feed stand out. What are some of the layouts that you can use to create a fun and cool layout? Let's dive more into it!

  • Tile (alternating between quote and photo)
  • Square (Simple layout with only square photo)
  • Row (Focus on the same look and feel row by row)
  • Line in the middle (Posting quote/ text in the middle of the row)
  • Border (Get creative with white or black border or anything for your photo)
  • Rainbow (Unleash all the fun with rainbow colours)
  • Puzzle feed (Split your photos to create a puzzle feed)


 #4. Use the same filter.

Source: The Preview App


Another way to ensure consistency in your Instagram feed is to use the same filter on all of your photos, which you can combine with the brand colour. The key to choosing the right filter is defining your theme, your niche, and the best filter to go with it.

Concerned about the various photos you took? Don't worry; the filter will help to create a consistent look for your photo.

For example, if your Instagram profile is about a beach house or selling a refreshing drink, using a bright and warm filter will go well with the theme and match your branding message rather than using a monochrome filter.


#5. Create videos.


Instagram has now evolved into a platform for video sharing! This is an excellent opportunity for you to embrace the change and create a fun reel for your Instagram account and improve your feed apart from posting the usual photos.

For those who are unfamiliar with Instagram Reels, it is a multi-clip video in which you can include audio, effects, and new creative tools.

You can create a behind the scene video, launch a new product and promote your sales to entice your audience and reach new ones! What are you waiting for? Let’s explore the reel’s features to its full potential.

No more the same boring looking feed. Use these ideas to create the best looking feed, not only for your business account but also for your own personal Instagram account too!


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