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Ninja Packs Bundle S size
20 Pieces Ninja Packs Bundle S size
10 Pieces Ninja Packs Bundle S size
Ninja Packs Bundle S sizes

Ninja Pack Bundle - Prepaid Polymailer S size

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RM72.00 - RM138.00
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Ninja Pack


Dimension of a Ninja Pack Prepaid Polymailer S 350 x 250 mm
Suitable for Fashion, clothing etc.
Weight limit
No limit! All-you-can-fit
Estimated capacity (guide only)
Price per Pack From RM 6.90

 * ALL fragile items must be MUST be labelled with a fragile sticker. You may get it here



NO Delivery to East Malaysia

Ninja Packs supports delivery within Peninsular Malaysia only, all East Malaysia parcels will be returned to sender

NO Cash on Delivery

Ninja Packs do not support COD option

NO Timeslot Delivery

Ninja Packs follow standard delivery of 1-3 working days with delivery hours from 9am-10pm

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