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You can't ship this! Ninja Pack Prohibited Items for Delivery

Just like any other business days, our Live Chats or DMs are sometimes flooded with questions like, “Can I ship my biscuits?”. Or any other food-related questions.

Sometimes, we receive questions like this sneaking into our DM.

“I ordered a live fish and used your courier to deliver it to my customers, how many days does it take to arrive?”


You may notice that every time you send a parcel over at the counter, the courier service will ask you some questions about what you are sending. Trust us, they are asking for a good reason. 

We care about what you are shipping so that we can avoid any unfortunate incident like our customer here who has sent a live fish. Oh, that poor fish. :(

Shipping living things is another thing but shipping hazardous materials, now that’s an entirely different matter! Another reason why we ask these questions is about the safety issues concerning shipping items.

You don’t want to receive a call one day claiming that your item suddenly bursts into flame, don’t you? 

We believe that it is vital for you to know what you can ship and what you cannot ship with Ninja Packs to avoid any problems in the future.


What are some of the prohibited items that you cannot ship?

Altogether, they are 12 items that you cannot ship with Ninja Packs. 

Exceed Size Specification      

(Ninja Pack Specific) Bulky items including (but not limited to) dumbbells, weights, packets of rice over 8kg.

Exceed Size Specification

(Ninja Pack Specific) Unprotected glass items including (but not limited to) bottles and containers of any kind. Each glass item should be wrapped in bubble wrap and overpacked in a protective hard box.


Poisonous or Toxic Substances


Firearms or Swords

Religious Artifacts

Religious Artifacts

Living Plants

Living Plants

Living Things

Living Things

Human or Animal Remains

Human or Animal Remains


Cash, Cheques, Bills, Stocks and other Marketable Securities

Credit cards

Credit Cards or ATM cards


Perishables such as Vegetables, Fruits, etc.

Written Drafts

Written Drafts, Original Films, Tapes and Film Material which cannot be reproduced.

Examination Certificates

Examination Certificates, Passports and Insurance Documents which cannot be reproduced.


Flammable, Ignitable or Volatile Items such as Fireworks, Kerosene, Gas Canisters or Paint Thinner


Why you shouldn’t ship these items

Transporting poisonous substances can be hazardous to anyone who handles them directly, especially if the container is broken. Once inhaled or swallowed, it can be deteriorating to one’s health. 

The same goes for flammable liquids as they are highly unstable. Mishandling the item can cause a cascade of failure, which can be life-threatening. If the things are dangerous to be shipped, please don’t send it via courier. 

We’ve talked about shipping a fish earlier in our entry. Yes, please refrain yourself from sending any living things or living plants through courier. Your parcel may have to travel a great distance or need to spend an overnight at the warehouse before it reaches your recipient’s destination. It certainly cannot withstand the journey.  

Before you want to send out something, ask yourself these questions.

Do you want to ship live items? If yes, you cannot send them. 

Can it survive the journey? Perishable item like fresh food will get spoiled over time. We highly prohibit perishable food and fragile items like cookies and biscuits sent in a box or jar. 

Is it one and only? We’re talking about valuable documents that cannot be reproduced. 

Kindly be noted that we do not provide delivery services for these prohibited items. If you want to know more about the list of prohibited items, kindly visit this page. 

By conforming to the rules of prohibited items, you can prevent any mishaps from happening in the future as we want you to have an excellent shipping experience with us.