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Promote your business with these 5 social media platforms!

Do you agree that social media has tremendously changed over the years? 

Remember those days when Tom Anderson, the guy with a pixelated face wearing a white t-shirt, was your first friend on Myspace?

Gone are the days where social media is the only thing that can connect you with your friends or rekindle your long lost relationship. 

Today, many business owners and marketers would concur that...

Social media is an ultimate game-changer

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses to reach new prospects and increase brand awareness.

The best part is, you can start anywhere and at any time. 

There is no such thing as too late for employing social media marketing for your business. And we have the best five social media platforms that you can utilise to promote your business.

Word to the wise- each social media platform has its different approaches and base audiences.

It will be best for you to plan and devise strategies to tackle each platform to suit each platform’s requirements. 


1. Facebook

Facebook GIF by ZI Italy


Facebook was first introduced to the world in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Now, here’s a cool fact about Facebook users in Malaysia that you may not know about. 

In 2016, there were over 18 million Facebook users in Malaysia (DigitalnewsAsia, 2016). Jump to four years later; the number escalated to 24 million users, that makes about 77% of Malaysia’s population (Marketing Signal Lab, 2019). Isn’t that crazy?

This statistic tells us that Facebook is indeed a brilliant platform for businesses to start marketing their products because almost everyone is on it. 

And you are going to need excellent content marketing planning for that!

People come to Facebook to relax or to get a good laugh when they watch a video. Any hard selling promotion will turn them off. 

Hence, your content should always reflect the stories of your brand and showcases your authenticity. What makes you different from other brands? And, how can your audience relate to you through your contents?

By answering these questions, you would have your answer as to how you can potentially turn them from leads to potential customers.

To start, you can create a Facebook Business Page for your business. The process is pretty simple, and you also need to pay attention to the information you put on your business page.

Include attractive visuals and relevant information that can be of use to your business and audience.

Once your business page has been set up, go ahead and have a casual yet light interaction with your followers with the contents you created.


2. Instagram

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC


With over 11 million users in Malaysia (, Instagram continues to be on the rise in popularity. The recent update shows how Instagram has shifted from a photo-sharing platform to a marketplace, similarly to Facebook. The shopping cart button you can see at the bottom of the app? Yup, that’s the one.

Instagram focuses more on visual contents. 

Lots of businesses make the mistake of choosing not to have an Instagram business account for their brand. 

Because the fact is, businesses can gain many benefits by promoting their products through Instagram as it helps gain traffic to their website and increase brand visibility. 

Creative promotional visuals are appealing and indeed, help promote your brand. Still, in all truthiness, the behind scene photos that capture your stories are priceless gems that will elevate your brand further. 

Leverage Instagram’s power for your business today and, just like Facebook, you can also use ads to market your products.


3. Twitter

big ang twitter GIF by RealityTVGIFs

Want to broadcast your messages or any updates about your business? Then, Twitter is the answer for you. 

It can also do wonders for businesses in terms of engaging and nurturing a relationship with your audience. 

Be fun and proactive in your tweets, and please don’t make it all about your business.

Throw some jokes between your promotional tweets, and get your followers to interact with you whenever you can by retweeting them. 

Most importantly, get engaged with your followers. Twitter, mostly centered around communication, but it won’t hurt to include cool gifs and photos in your tweets to make it more interesting.


4. YouTube

steve carell television GIF

YouTube stands to be the number one video sharing platform with millions of subscribers. Please do not underestimate the power of video because as a matter of fact, it can provide an ease of information access to your customers. 

Some people dislike reading an abundance of information, and video helps to deliver that information most engagingly.

Do you know that videos have the power to convince your customers to purchase? Over 90% of consumers claim that videos help them make a purchasing decision, according to 

You can create an educational content type of videos and creative promotional videos to entice your customers.

Demonstrative videos like how-to and tips and tricks also work well to build your brand.


5. Tiktok

All That Dancing GIF by Nickelodeon

Tiktok has made our list because of its potential and popularity. This platform is widely famous among youngsters but, never say never.

But yes! In 2020, Tiktok has officially launched Tiktok for Business, allowing businesses to promote their goods and services.

With their headline that goes- Don’t make ads, Make Tiktoks, this platform certainly inspires creativity and implore all businesses to be creators!

There are many more people joining in the fun, which makes it ideal for any businesses to start selling on Tiktok with promotional contents.

Should you promote your business on this platform? If your target customers are on this platform, we don’t see why you shouldn’t!

There are many TikTok effects and filters that you can use to create visually appealing and informative videos. It is all up to you and your team’s creative bones!