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Win an iPhone 12 & Prizes Worth RM30,000 with #RiangRyoRaya!


Malaysians are pro shoppers when it comes to online shopping. What else can you do whilst staying at home during MCO 1.0 & and 2.0?

You shop!

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Is this you?

Aiming for the best prices and best deals online every single day without fail.

Friends who? Shopee, Lazada and countless other online websites are your best buds now.

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Whenever you find products with lots of cashback and FREE shipping benefits, you’ll go crazy! As the day goes by, you are waiting anxiously for your parcels to arrive. (Aren’t we all?)

Because you love online shopping so much, Ninja Van is going to give you an iPhone 12 for FREE and more prizes worth RM30,000 to be won when you participate in our #RiangRyoRaya contest.


Grab this chance to win attractive prizes and the right to flex during Hari Raya!

You get to win an iPhone, a cool Dyson vacuum cleaner to help keep your home dustless, and for gadget lovers, you could win an iPad or a laptop!

Okay, you’ve convinced me, tell me how do I win any of these prizes?

The contest is held from 22nd March 2021 until 2nd May 2021. So, you’ve got plenty of time to shop online for your Raya preparations and whatnot.

All you have to do is just SHOP & USE Ninja Van courier and get REWARDED by doing what you love.

Here’s how you can enter the #RiangRyoRaya contest!

  1. Shop online & use Ninja Van as a delivery provider.
  2. Receive parcel & insert Tracking ID into contest form
  3. Follow @ninjavanmalaysia on Facebook and Instagram

Have you received your tracking ID for your parcel? Great! You can now start inserting your tracking ID into the contest form.

First, click on this link: https://bit.ly/3c6cjqH.

On this website, you will find information about #RiangRyoRaya contest and exciting prizes.

Look at those prizes! 😜

FYI, an iPhone 12 is only for the Grand Prize, but we also have lots of prizes that you can win each week. So stay tuned every week.

Contest entry

You can insert as many Tracking IDs as you want! The more, the better!

But please note that you MUST receive the parcel first before you input your Tracking ID into the Contest Entry Form. Keep this in mind as we will be checking.

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Or otherwise, your entry will be considered invalid, and all that effort will be gone to waste. :(

A gentle reminder, this contest is open to all Ninja Van parcel recipient only. Your entry is only valid if you are the parcel recipient.

You can still participate in the #RiangRyoRaya Contest by purchasing any item at any online stores and uses Ninja Van as a courier service provider. Just insert your Tracking ID, and you’re done.

For more info, you can contact us at here.