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6 Things You Need to Know to be Successful in 2021

Success is everything in one’s life, and for some, it is subjective and personal. What we consider a true measure of success is not the same as how others define it.

Regardless, we believe that we can see eye to eye on this one thing. At one degree or another, success has never come easily. It takes more than just efforts to make it a hit with blood, sweat and tears.

Some of us have been through a lot in 2020. But, no, this is not an excuse to let us down. There is a chance to make things right next year!

The key here is perseverance and if you want to be successful in everything that you do, here are the six things that you need to know in 2021.

1. Know that patience is everything you need to succeed.

The journey to success can be a bumpy road with its ups and downs. There are times when the victory is already within our grasp; it is short-lived—dampening any remaining hopes and dreams that we have.

Let us paint you a picture; imagine if you have a dream to become a successful small business owner in Malaysia. In the beginning, everything seems smooth.

Until unexpected challenges arise and you have no idea on how to handle it. There seems to be a problem with the mechanics of your business, and you have no idea on how to improve your business logistics.

The result is, your business begins to suffer significantly as your patience is running thin, causing you to make a cascade of failures one thing after another.

Having patience is one of the keys to be successful, and it is vital to remain patient and calm in everything you do. Because, if you lose your cool, you will lose control too and it can impact you in the long run. Rome is not built in a day and your success? It does not happen overnight.

Don’t let your lack of patience take you away from all of your hard work. Come what may, like our girl Taylor Swift says, shake it off!

Shake off your worries and keep your cool!

2. Know what to expect

Want to be successful in your life or everything? Always know what to expect and expect the unexpected. If only we can tell you that life is always filled with rainbows and butterflies, then we all can live happily ever after in our big white castle.

But unfortunately, it is not still the case. A bit of a bummer, right? Here is the plot twist, even in Disney movies, there are bound to be villains who are always plotting to bring these princesses down. Moral of the story?

You must be on guard and stay ahead of the curve.

If your monthly sale is low, do not just hope that it will get better the next month. But instead, assess your sale report and make a prediction based on the data. If the sale is going to be low, what are the actions that you are going to implement?

Knowing what to expect will make you better prepared for the outcome.

You know what they say, when life throws you a lemon, you make a killer lemonade out of it!

3. Know what you love and strive for it

Some say that if you do what you love as you put your heart and passion into it, you will never work a day in your life. Which is true, when you do something out of love, it is going to drive you forward as you already have an intrinsic motivation to achieve it.

And when you do what you know best, you are going to work hard for it. That is a given!

The tip is you have to put these burning passions and drive into everything that you do. Be it a career path or your actions. It does not matter if you are a passionate salesperson or an aspiring writer who wants to publish his or her first book, go for it!

Visualise your success and make it happen.

Tell yourself how much you want this to happen, work for it, and it will be yours.

4. Know that excuses will only slow you down

Creating excuses and procrastination are the exact opposite of things that will hinder you from succeeding. Don’t believe us? How many successful people that you know allow reasons and all the pain to demotivate them instead of lifting them.

Sometimes, we are just afraid. Afraid that we will fail. But let us tell you this that there is nothing wrong with the failures, my friend. It means that you are trying and there are an effort and action that follows from your wish to succeed.

So, what if you fail?

You need to try again.

Making up excuses to mask your insecurities and failures are pointless to the core. Twenty minutes of starting something new is better than twenty minutes of procrastination.

Start something today!

5. Know that you will get through bad times

There is no Yin without Yang. Just like when there are good times, there are also bad times. You can’t help it because this is the order of life. Like two threads intertwined with each other.

You can not escape the clutches of problems but what you can do is how you act and how you exercise control. What are your plans to solve these problems and what sort of help you need to make it happen?

Bad times, sometimes will wear you down. You will begin to feel demotivated in what you do. As a result, you will see that we will do things only halfway as we no longer have the drive that we initially have in the beginning.

However, there is only one thing that can make you keep going, that is by knowing that bad times will not last forever. One way to know it for sure is simple.

Take a piece of paper, write down your problems every day and at the end of the month, try to revisit your issues by looking back at the paper that you wrote.

You will notice that some problems that trouble you will dissipate and you do not have to do anything with it.

Have faith in yourself.

6. Know that positivity will get you going

Another key to being successful is to always look at the glass as half full. There is nothing wrong with being positive each day as it will help you to have a positive outlook on your life too.

Positivity is not the only thing that will bring you rewards. Another attribute of success is happiness.

When you are happy and positive in what you do, success is most likely to come your way.

For instance, Maria has always wanted to lose weight as she is overweight. She is obsessed with the idea of losing weight fast. Unfortunately, her diet plan is working against her.

Instead of losing weight, she gained more in that month. When asked what went wrong, that particular month she was stressing over food as she was being too strict in her planning and caught herself for being too negative.

According to Lindsay Tigar (2018), stress sabotages weight loss goals, and her negativity will only lead to poor dieting choices.

If only she is feeling positive about her progress and learn that losing weight is a continuous journey of happiness, she will know that her hard work will eventually pay off. The same goes to you too!

Believe it or not, when you are positive, you will be surprised at what it can do to your life!

There you go; these are six things that you need to achieve success. May these tips help you to chart a part towards to be successful in everything you do.

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